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Pick the best out

of more than 10.000 IT talents with our help

IT-specialists with English language skills...

...are already sitting with their families on packed suitcases, determined to settle abroad professionally and privetely.

History shows that in geopolitical crises, the most qualified workers are the first to be ready to leave their country and build a professional existence elsewhere. The countries that welcome thes professionals with open arms and help them intergrate benefit in the long run. Our mission since 2012 is to help them for starting a new carrier abroad.


As an german Agency, we have placed international professionals in highly contested professions since 2012

In doing so, we attach great importance to quality and thus create win-win-win situations.

By a "perfect match", we mean, on the one hand, the best possible qualification of the candidates and, on the other hand, an excellent job at corporations who care about the well being of their employees. This caring also includes, for example, support in finding accommodation, assitance in dealing with immigration offices, etc.

For this reason, internationally renowned companies have placed their trust in us for years, as well as prominent local players from the healthcare industry with excellent reputations and permanently high staffing requirements.

This is the way we can work together:

No costs for employers at the beginning of our partnership - first, we want to present you the perfect candidates for your vacancies.

Only in case of a successfull placement, you will pay us a performance-related bonus.

STEP 1 (for free)

Building trust between you and us

You will receive 15 anonymized CV`s from us.

You can get a first overview of the quality of our candidates. If the profils generally match your vacancies - let us know.


STEP 2 (for free)

Find candidates who are interested in your offer

Send us three of your most urgent job descriptions.

We will share this in our network with more than 10.000 professional IT- specialists. We select the most suitable candidates for you and send you the anonymized CV`s.



Our commitment

If there are candidates that apply to your demands, we will make a zoom call and discuss our terms and conditions and how you will support the candidates’ integration in case of employment.

The amount is up to qualification of candidates between 10% - 30% of the yearly income salary from the placed candidate. But you only pay if the candidate actually works at your company.

We are convinced that we will find a perfect commitment between you and us.

STEP 3 (costs 500 Euro)

Videocall with your preferred candidates

After signing our free agreement, you will receive the desired candidates names’ and contact details.

We will organize a Videocall with the candidate, and if you want, we will moderate and translate if necessary.

At this moment, and only if the candidate is really interesting, you have to pay a first down payment of 500 euros.



Recruitment documents

the candidate is yours.

You can manage all details directly with your new IT specialist.


The Payment

We will send an invoice only after your new employee comes home from the first working day at your company.

This is our guarantee for your recruiting success.

We are happy to provide you with premium experience finding and hiring your next top IT talent from abroad.



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